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shugrues-23TLS Performance Training exists to teach individuals and organizations the cutting edge science and habits required to extend life and healthspan for as long as possible.  Never in the history of the world has so much science-backed data been at our fingertips.  However, with gigabytes of information at our fingertips, where to start, and what is effective become more difficult to pick out in the crowd.

Timothy Shugrue has been involved with the science of health and fitness for over 20 years, starting at GNC directly out of high school. From there he became a successful personal trainer, ran the training department of various fitness facilities, and received thousands of hours of higher education about all things fitness.  Most importantly what works and what doesn't, and how to implement the science proven most effective by university research.

In the world of healthy living, the lack of available information is not the problem. The problem is, how can these habits and patterns be implemented in a way that is sustainable, and produces lasting beneficial change over time? That's where we come in.  Our program focuses on ONLY scientifically validated methods designed produce a specific response.

The human body has many systems in place to optimize and strengthen the body, and these systems are controlled by genes.  We teach how to increase the expression of these genes to strengthen the immune system, increase muscle mass, boost longevity, and reduce inflammation - all without using exercise and very little time commitment.

 Find out that you DO have what it takes to make drastic positive change in your life, and the methods to install and sustain these changes! Contact me





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