The Times they are Amazing

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It sounds so cliche, “There’s no better time to be alive”. I’ve heard it for years.  But when I jump into my favorite nerd sites, and read about some of the amazing things being done, and discovered, I’m struck by the unrelenting acceleration of scientific knowledge and capability!!!

Getting to share that knowledge with those who aren’t super nerds like me, I find to be especially fulfilling.  If what I’m learning and sharing can add days or weeks, possibly months or years to someone’s life, then my life’s work is good.  Everything became more clear to me when it became clear to me that I don’t need to know everything.  There are more intelligent people than me out there doing the hard research, my gift is the ability to chunk that down to digestible – ACTIONABLE – pieces.

And so the journey begins, I want to keep this first post short and sweet, and to leave you with a tool and framework that i guarantee, if you stick with it, 20 minutes at least 4x per week, your outlook and world will begin to change for the better.  I can show you so many medical research report about increased gray matter, decreased cortisol, etc etc, but that’s for a later date!  Start doing this daily!




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